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At Tiling & Painting we pride ourselves on providing a first class tiling service to builders and residential clients across Melbourne. You’ve found the right business is you are searching for a quality tiling company in Melbourne. No job is too big or too small.

Types of Tiles by Material & Finish

We can work with all the various tiles available. These include;

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Glazed Tiles
  • Lappato Tiles
  • Limestone Tiles
  • Marble Tiles
  • Natural Stone Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Textured Tiles
  • Travertine Tiles
Kitchen tiles

Kitchen tiling

When building a new house or renovating your home, one of the most important areas is your kitchen. It’s usually the centrepiece of the family home. We can help you choose what type of tiles you need for your kitchen.

For decades ceramic tiles have been used in the majority of Australian homes. They are hard wearing and functional but there are other options available. Glass, mosaic, natural stone and porcelain tiles are also used in certain circumstance and can provide that “wow” factor you may be looking for.

We use quality products and select the right grout and glue for the job so your kitchen will continue to look its best for years to come.

Bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiling

The wet areas like the bathroom, toilet and shower are important to get right. This means engaging a qualified and experienced tiler. At Tiling & Painting we only employ experienced and qualified tilers so you can have peace of mind that the job will be done right.

A face lift to an outdated or old bathroom can completely change the look and feel of this space in your home. A freshly tiled bathroom will leave a lasting impression and certainly add value to your home if you are looking to sell.

Tile repairs melbourne

Tile Repairs Melbourne

Are the tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, shower or toilet, cracked or chipped? Do they have mould growth, discolouration or fading? Then you’ve come to the right place. We will take care of all your tile repair needs.

Houses that are older may also have outdated colours, styles and designs, that’s where we can help. At Tiling & Painting we will work with you to formulate the best solution for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry. As a result, we’ll take the hassle out of choosing the best colours, designs and patterns to give your area a completely new look.

Other Services


Here at Tiling & Painting we understand the importance of getting your caulking done well. Caulking plays a crucial part in every construction project, it doesn’t matter whether it’s for apartment buildings or single storey homes. Caulk is a sealant that is applied to cracks and gaps in the exterior of the home before paint is applied. Over the years we have noticed that a lot of tradespeople do not know how to properly apply caulking, and we’ve had to come in to clean up their mess.

Where can you find caulking?

  • Around window and door frames
  • At siding joints
  • In imperfections such as openings or cracks
Shower tiles with grey grout


The grouting you find between your tiles is as essential as cement is to laying bricks. Grout consists of both sand and cement materials, and is used to ensure that the tiles stay in place for years. Grout can also be used to enhance the look of your tiling, as it can come in many different colours.

We find that cheaper grouts tend to crack and become soft over time, due to wear and tear, sometimes you will start to notice faults even within the first few months. At Tiling & Painting we will always supply you with the best quality grout, and apply it with the utmost care.


Screeding is the process of preparing the shower floor before tiles are applied. It’s just as important in new home developments as it is in older established home. It is used to create the correct fall so the water runs off to the drainage point and there is no pooling. At Tiling & Painting you can rest assured that our professional screeding will stand the test of time.

Waterproofing shower


Waterproofing is one of the most important aspects to consider when building or repairing the wet areas of your property. Leakages due to incorrect waterproofing can have devastating affects on the structural integrity of you home. Luckily Tiling & Painting make sure any waterproofing is done to Australian standards by using the best products and equipment available.