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Balconies have always been splendid features of buildings of every type, style and genre. They not only provide extra breathing space to the inhabitants by providing them access to the outdoors, without ‘being outdoors’ literally. Besides, they also add character to the buildings, thus adding enhanced look and feel to them. However, they are that part of a building that remains exposed to the elements the most. 

Naturally, they depreciate more than any other part. That’s the reason, the balcony of your home needs more waterproofing than any other part. Remember, any laxity of balcony waterproofing will lead to inlet of water and moisture into the interiors of the adjoining walls, leading to structural disintegration with time. 

That is the reason, when it comes to waterproofing your balcony, you must opt for the best experts. What better name can you opt for than Tiling And Painting for that? We are one of the best names to offer waterproofing of balconies. 



What makes our balcony waterproofing the best?

We provide customised waterproofing solutions for balconies without requiring tile removal, so you can feel confident knowing that your property is protected. Our highly qualified crew makes sure the task is completed correctly the first time, without causing any mess or disturbance to your house.

We offer premium balcony waterproofing services at affordable costs, including anything from outdoor tile waterproofing of balconies to waterproofing of balcony floors.



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What are the advantages of our Balcony waterproofing?

  • It Offers Enhanced Durability: Our waterproofing your balcony or patio can greatly increase its lifespan by eliminating water damage that may need expensive repairs,
  • It Prevents Leaks: Our balcony floor waterproofing solutions make sure that moisture doesn’t enter your house by erecting a barrier against leaks.
  • It enhances Aesthetic Appeal: When you hire You don’t have to worry about ugly cracks or water damage to appreciate the beauty of your outdoor environment.
  • It Increases Property Value: A waterproofed, well-maintained balcony raises the value of your house and attracts possible purchasers.

What are the salient features of our balcony waterproofing experts?

  • We are insured company and all our experts are licensed and bonded
  • Our experts would use the latest tools and techniques as well as the best products from renowned brands. This makes sure the waterproofing solutions we come up with are the best.
  • Despite being the best, our waterproofing solutions come at a competitive rate.
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